You are excited, motivated, and ready to start your new fitness routine. The first thing that you may be tempted to do is go and purchase a new (expensive) gym membership with a contract for a one-year commitment. Resist that temptation! For most people everything will go great for the first couple of weeks. They...
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Have you ever planned to work out after work, but after a long stressful day, you were too tired to go? Or you planned to work out after work, but you got stuck in traffic or an afternoon meeting ran late and you missed that class that you were signed up for? If this has...
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When I talk to some individuals about exercise, one of the first things that they say is that they hate exercise or that they don’t like to exercise. Well, if it is something that you are telling yourself that you hate or that you don’t enjoy, you are definitely not going to want to do...
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Be Fit. Be Fierce. Be Feminine.

As a fitness expert and nationally recognized physician, Dr. Nina Watson is a Board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist with expertise in Women’s Imaging.

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